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Select the MP4 format that flv is converted to

Although many mobile devices support MP4 format, but the specific machine of the MP4 format is different, MP4/RM is applied to the conversion of experts focused on the development of mobile devices for conversion software, which not only can direct export of various brands of official standard MP4 format, and its parameters are very complete, so if you can not find their own machine the corresponding MP4 format here, it can choose to use the MP4 format according to the machine system or brand, then can be set in the next third step.

Teach you to convert FLV files to MP4

How do you convert flv into MP4? Flv is often used in network video sites, so we can download many flv movies from the Internet, but if you want to watch it on your mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablet computers, you need to convert flv to mp4. In the online search, convert flv to MP4 software is not a few, but the best use of the FLV Converter MP4 should have what characteristics? Of course, make sure the quality is high, and the conversion speed is fast. Both of these features can be perfect, is today to introduce the most popular applications on mobile devices – conversion software “MP4/RM” it to experts, all kinds of video format compatibility are particularly strong, not only supports flv MP4, almost all the other format also supports video to MP4, such as AVI, f4v, MKV, TS, RMVB and so on.

MP4 charging notes

<1> power switch should be switched on (when charging is best to set screen saver).
<2> battery is in the low case, lithium battery management circuit starts to work (to prevent potential difference of large filling bad or reduce the service life of the battery charger, the charging charge) is a micro state. Micro charge state charger lights not lit, according to low degree, usually takes about 30 minutes to be activated to the normal state of charge, the charger light should be lit, then charging about 30 minutes after the battery can maintain the boot, charge about 3 to 4 hours (total), until the green light or intermittent flash is full.
<3> charging is normally charged only 1-2 minutes after the normal charging state (detection process) (normal charging, green light, Chang Liang).
<4> charging must use the original charger, can not mix, otherwise it will burn the machine or charger to prevent charging problems appear:
1. please charge the battery as soon as the battery is used up.
2. often do not use, please fill the machine battery, turn off the power switch, and then placed.
Some customers will play to the general machine low open power switch is placed a few days later, the battery voltage drop caused by very low state, so that the battery is low or close to zero potential protection, easy cause for charging or difficult to charge. Therefore, it is recommended that customers use the MP3, the electric charge immediately after use, such as long time no, please fill the power after the switch off the power switch.

Screen resolution, MP4 player knowledge

The display resolution is the number of pixels displayed on the screen, and the resolution is 160 * 128, which means that the horizontal pixels are 160, and the vertical pixels are 128. The higher the resolution, the more pixels, the more accurate the sensed image. And in the same size of the screen, the higher the resolution, the display of the more delicate and delicate. Common screen resolutions in MP3 are 320 x 240, 220 x 176, 160 x 128, etc..
Pixel pitch (pixel pitch) the meaning of CRT is similar to the distance (dot pitch), generally refers to between two adjacent display pixels distance.
The picture we see is formed by many points, but the quality is fine by the point to decide, calculation point is a numerical panel size divided by the resolution. In the case of LCD, the visual area 14 inch LCD display for general 285.7mm * 214.3mm, a resolution of 1024 * 768, to calculate the LCD distance is 285.7/1024 or 214.3/768=0.279mm. The distance is smaller, more delicate image.

MP4 function introduction

1.FM function
Many people will first ask, “do you have the FM function?” The use of personal means not to pursue MP4 on the FM, and now the FM on the domestic MP4 effect is very poor, electromagnetic interference is very strong, is a basic equal to no function.
2. eBook
E-books are a fairly common feature of MP4, but different schemes have different differences, and most importantly, some settings. The most comprehensive setting is the CC1800 CC1600 program, and most importantly, there are custom backgrounds and font size choices. And other programs are basically the same e-books. But if it’s an intelligent MP4 or with a Android system, it will kill MP4’s e-book capabilities because its software can provide more settings.
3. video output
Video output is a highlight of the MP4, the ordinary output has PAL AV compound output, color difference output and HDMI output.
The image quality of HDMI is optimal, chromatic aberration is second, and AV composite is the worst. As far as HDMI is concerned, the best HDMI output is AML8726, because it is modified by AML8626’s HD player.
PDF on MP4 is a selling point, and today’s 1080P of MP4 basically has PDF function. And on the current performance, PDF’s best solution is still CC1600 CC1800 program, open speed has advantages, but if it is intelligent MP4 or MID, then still recommend not to buy PDF for MP4. The most recommended solution to see PDF is the RK2818 scheme, which supports PDF browsing at hardware level, and is of high speed and quality.
OTG is also a popular feature of MP4 now, with the intent of connecting external storage devices. But practicality? Personally feel very small. The current OTG function is very expensive, that is to say, in the outdoor use, in addition to the shorter life can not afford to play other big role, and this function is basically used to match the output to the use of television. And now the OTG in addition to the AML8726 program is very stable, high recognition rate, the quality of other programs OTG needs to be greatly improved.
6. tone quality
Many people will ask how this MP4 sounds, whether it’s an independent audio chip (DAC), but I don’t think it’s necessary to tie it up. Now 1080P in sound to say good not to seckill point, and whether the independent audio chip or more because the master chip itself is integrated by DAC rather than that in order to improve the quality of trying to get a separate, in the domestic MP4, not as concerned about quality to get a better sound the headset.

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